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About Dr. Holder


Dr. Holder is a highly accomplished dental professional with extensive experience and a strong educational background. He earned his DDS from Howard University in 1984, followed by an MPH from the University of Connecticut in 2000 and a certificate from Cornell University in 2019. With licenses in multiple states, including Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts, he is dedicated to providing high-quality dental care.


Throughout his career, Dr. Holder has made significant contributions to academia and public health. He mentored dental students at the University of Connecticut and held hospital appointments at prestigious institutions. As the Dental Director for Community Health Center Inc (CHC), he oversaw multiple facilities, securing dental expansion grants and improving access to care. Dr. Holder's commitment to community service extends globally, with a focus on dental health initiatives.


Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Holder is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army Dental Corps. He balances his work with a passion for fitness, travel (especially to Dubai), and family. His dedication to patient education, continuous learning, and improving smiles underscores his influential role in dentistry and public health.

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