Full Mouth Rehabilitation

full mouth rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A Full Mouth Rehabilitation is considered when basic dental procedures are not enough to restore health and functionality to a mouth. In many of these cases, the patient has experienced long term wearing of their teeth and/or multiple teeth have been lost or broken. Often accompanying these problems, is a condition where a persons bite has shifted and collapsed. Since for many this process of degradation has occurred gradually over a long period of time, the acute warning signs of pain and disease are usually not present. Patients in this category are aware that their teeth have degraded over time, are embarrassed with the way their teeth look and feel and are concerned that if something is not done soon they will loose more teeth.

A Full Mouth Rehabilitation is an option for restoring health, beauty and functionality to a person who has either suffered a trauma to the mouth or presents with evidence of long term degradation of the teeth and gums. The benefits of a Full Mouth Rehabilitation can be a life changing and transformative. People who have suffered with these conditions and believe that their only option would be complete tooth loss are amazed to discover what dental technologies can offer. With proper care and treatment mouths can be rebuilt and provide for years of healthy, natural feeling teeth.

As with any complex medical treatment, finding a Dentist who has extensive experience in performing a Full Mouth Rehabilitation is imperative. Dr. Kurt Froehlich has not only performed hundreds of these cases in his office, he has travelled all over the country and studied with some of the best Dentist in this field. Dr. Froehlich has studied with Dr. Peter Dawson, The Dawson Academy St. Petersburg Fl, Dr. Frank Spear, Spear Education Scottsdale Az, Dr. Jimmy Eubanks, Dr. Buddy Mopper and many other leaders in the field of Complete Restorative Dentistry. Over the years Dr. Froehlich has built a reputation in the Capital District as one of the Dentist who offer Complete Restorative Care and Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Additionally, with Dental Specialist in office, Dr. Froehlich can easily coordinate with Dental Specialists when multidisciplinary cases are necessary. The difference is that teeth that may be considered un-savable in another office can often be rehabilitated and made to function healthfully for years to come. Dr. Froehlich feels that preserving what he can is less invasive, more conservative and often results in a better long term prognosis for his patients.

If you or your love ones believe that they may need care that goes beyond basic Dentistry call us for a consultation. Dr. Froehlich and his team will take the time to carefully explain the best options that are available to you. We can also provide affordable payment arrangements if treatment goes beyond the scope of the insurance coverage.

Countless patients have trusted Dr. Froehlich to provide extraordinary results in Comprehensive Complete Dental care. Making that investment has not only saved costs in terms of finances, time and discomfort, it has given our patients the impetus to create all kinds of positive changes in their lives. We strongly believe this is one of the best choices a person can make and we are proud and supportive to anyone who reaches out to us for this care.

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    Leslie A.
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