U.S. Supreme Court, Obama Care and Dentistry


U.S. Supreme Court, Obama Care and Dentistry

Dr. Kurt Froehlich weighs in on the United States Supreme Court Debate.

Last week our U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments to determine the future of President Obama's health care law, If anyone took the time to read the brief submitted by opposing council you would have found that Dental Care was at the center of the argument.

The attorneys for the opposition made the point that going to the Dentist every six months for regular cleanings and check ups would save the health care system millions in preventable dental disease. The argument they put forth to Obama-Care was should the United States government then have the power to force all Americans to see a Dentist twice a year.

Quality Dental care at it's core will include an a great hygiene department. The greatest gift I can share with my patients is a commitment to oral health. While I do not believe in the federal government forcing anyone to go to the Dentist, I do know the value of regular dental recalls. My patients who have made a commitment to regular visits, generally have the fewest problems and spend the least amount of time in the chair.

Often times a new patient will come see me who has not been to a dentist for a number of years. Maybe they will have a toothache, and sometimes life has gotten in the way. We do a thorough exam and help them get back on track. My emphasis is always on achieving and maintaining great dental health.

I also know how difficult it can be for some people to return to or find a new dentist. Make sure your Dentist encourages you and understands all your concerns. For my team and I, that means spending more time with our patients and building relationships that help them reach their goals.

Dr. Kurt D. Froehlich DDS is a General and Cosmetic Dentist practicing in West Coxackie NY on route 9W. in Greene County, NY.

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