Understanding Dental Phobia and Anxiety


Understanding Dental Phobia and Anxiety

One of the most exciting part of my day is welcoming a new patient into our practice. I enjoy meeting all kinds of people and spending time getting to know my patients.

One thing I hear on a consistent basis is that many people have avoided going to the dentist due to a past dental visit that was unpleasant.

Last week I met young lady who was extremely fearful of the dentist. She told me that her previous dentist had filled a cavity even though she was not fully numb and would not stop when she told him that it hurt. As a result of this experience she has not been back to a dentist in many years.

When a patient chooses to share these experiences with their dentist it is very important that the dentist acknowledge and endorse that what they are hearing is very real to that person. It becomes a dentist's responsibility to make sure that we engage the patient and let them know that we completely understand how they feel. I will always congratulate this patient for having the courage to come in today.

In order to provide excellence in dental care we must take the time to understand our patients needs and concerns. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to let our patients know that they are in a safe and caring environment. When a patient can sense that they are being listened to in a non-judgemental fashion they will often share information that will help us provide for them the care they need.

Caring for people and restoring health is what makes the practice of medicine a wonderful thing. I have seen many patients with dental fears, in time, become healthy regular patients. Coxsackie Dental Arts is a quality private dental practice in West Coxsackie NY. Dr. Kurt Froehlich has had a lot of success helping patients with moderate dental phobias and anxieties resume regular dental care.

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