Cosmetic Dentistry The Life Enhancing Smile


Cosmetic Dentistry The Life Enhancing Smile

Among the greatest gifts in life, the ability to feel good about ourselves is so important. Who can remember a time when everything was perfect? A wedding, a celebration of life's triumphs, a great investment result, events that lend a sense of calm and well being.

What it is about our smile that conveys so much emotion, inwardly affecting our moods and outwardly to all those around us. We all yearn for this connection, and a smile from one person to another implies understanding and closeness. To be accepted, appreciated and loved. The highest form of human to human communication.

When a patient confides to me that they are embarrassed to smile because they dislike the way their teeth look, I perceive a great sense of sadness for their lack of a basic human ability. Happiness as defined by the United States Constitution is a basic human right. Anything that prevents you from smiling will make less your happiness. In a sense it is an impairment, which in most cases can be overcome.

Recently, a sixty eight year old woman was referred to me. After seeing 4 other Dentists who told her there was nothing they could do for her, I restored her mouth and her smile. The resulting joy that she expressed to me was beyond anything in her life. I felt so honored to be part of her story.

Cosmetic Dentistry is not a specialty. With the technology available today, every restorative dental procedure should be "Cosmetic". Whether it's just replacing an old metal filing or a full smile makeover, the results should have you feeling better about yourself. It's really exciting to me when my patients share their feelings after the care they receive.

Dr Kurt Froehlich is a practicing Dentist located in West Coxsackie NY, a small Hudson Valley community 90 minutes north of NYC. His services are highly sought out for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dental needs. Coxsackie Dental Arts is located on Route 9W, consultations with Dr. Froehlich can be arranged by calling 518-832-5284.

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